Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Science education is a must have for everyone in today’s world! In an effort to bring computer science education to everyone, I have started a series of blog posts to introduce the basics concepts for computer science.

This first series of blogs are meant to be introduction to computer science. If you are thinking of making a career shift to computer science and planning to spend a fortune on it, check out the free blogs below to gauze your interest and see if this is something you will be interested in committing to.


  1. SNAP Basics:
    1. SNAP! Work Regions
    2. How to Change Sprite’s Costume in SNAP!
    3. Draw Shapes
    4. How to get User Input?
  2. Animation:
    1. Simulating a Sprite’s Jump in SNAP!
  3. Computer Science Concepts:
    1. Using Loops
    2. Simple Code Blocks: Using Functions
      1. Custom Code Blocks: Function with Parameters 
      2. Reporter Blocks
      3. Predicate Blocks
      4. Using Nested Loops
      5. Using Loops with Inputs
      6. Introducing Conditional Blocks
      7. Boolean Expressions and Operators
      8. Using Loops in combination with Conditionals
    3. What is a Variable and How to use it?
  4. Good Coding Practices:
    1. Good Coding Practice: Using Relative Coordinates

4.1 Introduction to Lists

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