Walk the Talk (Even in Difficult Times)!!!

Keep Calm and Walk The Talk

Sometimes I wish life would come with a manual. Reading books is so much easier than actually going through life lessons.

How many times have we heard this sentence “Walk the Talk”, and felt “Puff! What’s the big deal in it? I already do it”. ? And then there comes some challenging times to test our belief.. and we find ourselves struggling to decide should we go with the flow and change our behavior to take the path of least resistance; or should we push further with our believes? Yes! Sure some people may not like us but it’s okay.

The biggest challenge comes when the people we love and care for are at stake. What do you do when you know that someone close or high stakes or important person in your life wouldn’t like you if you continue with your belief, even if you are right?

Well, one of the promise I made to myself couple of years ago was to be true to myself. Never say things that I cannot commit to and commit to only what I am sure I can do. That has really helped me be peaceful and calm in both my personal and professional life.

However recently in my circle I had people who believe in putting up a big show of words but zero (sometimes even negative) in action. Yes I had a simpler option of changing my circle and removing those people from them. But that was not the solution.

I struggled with this thought for days, weeks and months on how do I deal with them. I had a choice to be like them and speak whatever big promises I wanted to and never deliver on anything. Initially I thought that I can do that when I am present in that circle and be myself outside, but I wasn’t comfortable with that version of myself. And since I recognized my discomfort, I was getting more stressed since I was unable to see any path forward.

Then I thought may be if I can put them in a situation where they cannot deliver on their own words, then they wouldn’t speak in future of big promises (at least in front of me!). However I failed miserably. They didn’t even realize that how they were breaking up the promises they were making in their words.

But God has his own way of answering our questions and solving our troubles. I was reading “Taking People With You” by David Novak and he had iterated over the same point so much that it hit home for me. I didn’t need to change. I was okay the way I was. All I had to do was make sure that I was doing what I felt right and at the same time taking others words with a grain of salt.

Somehow the notion of fitting into a circle meant changing myself to adapt that circle, but in reality there was nothing forcing me for it.

So 2 lessons from this experience:

  • It’s all in your head!
  • Stay tuned to yourself, believe in yourself, and walk the talk!

Hope my experience has helped a few in resolving their dilemma.

Feel free to post your feedback or comments below.



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